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    Information about the grants offered by the agencies

    Always check the feasibility of the adaptation before buying a vehicle!

    With the Sure Switch directional control you can operate your vehicle’s secondary functions at the touch of a button! Designed to complement the Sure Grip Hand Control, the Sure Switch allows you to control the following functions with just the tip of your finger:

    • Headlights (on/off & dim/bright)
    • Turn signals
    • Hazard flashers
    • Horn
    • Washer/wipers

    Add a second switch to operate your:

    • Power windows
    • Integrated phone controls
    • Cruise control
    • Or, virtually any other peripheral function!


    This adaptive product is not a steering knob and it’s installation is mostly on a hand control.


    By analysing the electrical diagram of the secondary functions of your vehicle, we can determine if this installation is feasible or not.

    Grants and security

    Most adaptations are payable through grants offered by different organizations.


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