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    Always check the feasibility of the adaptation before buying a vehicle!

    Eureka’s Professionalism

    Eureka Solutions has built its reputation with the quality of its installations. We owe our success to our customers satisfaction

    1. First of all, we listen. Then, we work closely with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs
    2. Your new vehicle is a big investment, and you’ll probably own it for at least 5 years. So we see it as our job to involve, inform, guide and inspire you every step of the way towards making the right decision for you.
    3. Unlike most companies, we prioritize Safety before anything else.
    4. Having trained, certified technicians providing responsive service gives you a “Peace-of-Mind” experience
    5. We understand the importance of owning a vehicle that meets your needs and lifestyle
    6. We have such an high reputation for being helpful that many people recommend us even though they’ve never bought anything from us
    7. Sourcing the best products from around the world we can offer the best selection of quality products
    8. We are a family owned business, small enough to care but large enough to offer an extensive and professional service
    9. All our adaptations will meet or exceed Transport Canada Safety Standards
    10. We have developed a Network of Service Centres to serve you better, faster and closer to your Home. We can also assist you in North America


    Your independence is important, your safety even more!




    Eureka Solutions Mission & Vision

    Our goal : Your Independence,

    Our priority : Your Safety!
    Founded in 2000, Eureka Solutions is a family oriented company that provides solutions for everyone facing a mobility challenge. Co-owners, Nathalie Plouffe & Serge LaVallée, customer oriented individuals are driving their force towards introducing innovative technology in their field.

    We are proud to open up new vistas of independence for many. Our clientele have the opportunity to join associations and become involve in their activities.

    Furthermore, our team’s philosophy is to make it right the first time and to provide products and services of the highest quality. We take pride in complying with all Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards of Transport Canada (CMVSS).

    Eureka Solutions is an important distributor of a wide variety of mobility products deserving especially the physically challenged clientele from the Province of Quebec, North East of Ontario as well as the Maritimes provinces.

    We contribute to the social reinsertion of our clientele by adapting their vehicles with safe equipment that correspond to everyone’s specific need in order to increase their autonomy.

    Your Safety, Our Priority!

    Unfortunately, as in any market, all mobility equipment companies do not offer the same professionalism.

    It is important for each client to ensure that:

    1. The company is an authorized distributor for the product to be installed, otherwise your warranty will be void.
    2. The technicians are regularly trained for the installation of each product.
    3. The duration of the work so that the vehicle is not parked unnecessarily a few days
    4. The Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards requested by Transport Canada are met.





    CMVSS: Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

    Goal :  To ensure consumer and public safety, Transport Canada (TC) issue specific safety regulations that all motor vehicle and mobility manufacturers must follow :

    CMVSS #207 – Anchorage of Seats – COMPLIANT
    CMVSS #208 – Occupant Restraint System in Frontal Impact – COMPLIANT

    CMVSS #210 – Seat Belt Anchorages – COMPLIANT
    CMVSS #214 – Side Impact Protection – COMPLIANT
    CMVSS #216 – Roof Crush Resistance – COMPLIANT
    CMVSS #220 – Roll-Over Protection – COMPLIANT
    CMVSS #301 – Fuel System Integrity – COMPLIANT

    The French terminology for CMVSS is NSVAC for Normes de sécurité des véhicules canadiens.


    Grants and security

    Most adaptations are payable through grants offered by different organizations.


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    We develop customized solutions for your needs.