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    Information about the grants offered by the agencies

    Always check the feasibility of the adaptation before buying a vehicle!

    Travel with class, without compromise, without worries! ...

    We strive to make this experience as easy and rewarding as possible. There is no one size fits all solution to your mobility.
    A wheelchair accessible van is simply a van that has a wheelchair ramp, manual or automatic, side or rear entry lowered floor, for easy access from a scooter or wheelchair. A handicap van allows you to enter the vehicle without leaving your chair.
    Different options include the ability to remove the front passenger seat and position the wheelchair or to be located as a mid-row passenger. Sometimes, that make it easier to move from a wheelchair to a bucket seat
    We offer the largest selection of wheelchair accessible vans to fit your needs : Chrysler – Dodge – Ford – Honda - Toyota







    Mobility has never sounded better!

    BraunAbility engineers have spent over 2 years researching acoustic improvements and refining solutions. Using noise-blocking seals and high performance noise-absorbing materials, the new technology, strategically placed, stops sound before it enters the cabin.

    It’s called “Quiet Drive”.

    This technology is a standard improvement on all new BraunAbility wheelchair vans. It’s an exclusive feature to new BraunAbility reducing noise and vibration in lowered floor accessible vehicles by up to 25%, resulting in a more comfortable mobility experience.

    Objections Acier inox -acier aluminisé


    The aluminized steel is coated with carbon steel, by the hot dip process, with an aluminum-silicon alloy (90% / 10%). The aluminum coating offers resistance to high temperatures. Silicon promotes better adhesion of the coating to the base metal

    The aluminized sheet is used for high temperature, corrosion-resistant applications; At a higher temperature than comparable zinc-coated products can withstand. Even if aluminum corrodes faster than zinc, the oxide that forms on the aluminum adheres tightly, protecting the base metal.

    Products manufactured from aluminized sheets include dryers, incinerators, furnaces, heaters and engine components

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    Most adaptations are payable through grants offered by different organizations.


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