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    Carospeed Menox hands controls

    Information about the grants offered by the agencies

    Always check the feasibility of the adaptation before buying a vehicle!

    Menox’s advanced design  is ergonomic, conforming to a person’s natural hand-wrist-arm motion.
    Each Carospeed Menox handle comes fitted with a hill holder to hold the brake pedal down. In this way hands are freed at traffic lights to change gears or tune the radio.
    This way, any function can be used at the same time as the brakes and accelerator.

    The Carospeed Menox’s design is simple and durable. Minimal hardware is needed for the installation leaving the driver with extensive leg room. Likewise Menox is not in the way of knee air bags.

    CODE: 102013 standard


    Mainly, on the right side of the steering wheel, close to the central console, floor mounted


    A wide variety of vehicles

    OPTION :

    The optional multi-function grip, the driver maximizes the ability to control the car operating headlights, turn indicators, wipers or wiper/washer and horn from the same central place, the Carospeed Menox hand grip

    Grants and security

    Most adaptations are payable through grants offered by different organizations.


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