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    Docking System

    Information about the grants offered by the agencies

    Always check the feasibility of the adaptation before buying a vehicle!

    Wheelchair drivers and passengers pay  a premium for the freedom to drive and they deserve a system that looks, feels and behaves like a part of the vehicle. Allowing a wheelchair user, driver or passenger,  independence, easy to use, fully crash tested, this docking system is equipped with a dash control and the embedded LEDs will clearly alert you to the system’s status.

    The automatic docking system is mainly use when the 4 pt securement system is not the solution to secure your wheelchair.


    Wheelchair accessible vehicle, front or mid-section, driver or passenger.

    OPTION :

    Manual Cable Release, several bases heights.


    Contact us to find out if your wheelchair is compatible with this docking system.

    Grants and security

    Most adaptations are payable through grants offered by different organizations.


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