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  • Aluminum Ramp vs Wooden Ramp

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    Always check the feasibility of the adaptation before buying a vehicle!

    Unlike a wooden or concrete ramp, you don’t have to use the services of a carpenter or your brother-in-law who often don’t know the standards to get the proper angles of inclination. Unfortunately, too often they will build according to the customer’s request without making sure of the safety standards.
    A wooden or concrete ramp may cause additional concerns: application for a building permit, delays, major excavation, permanent installation, redevelopment of the site, construction site staggered over several weeks, depreciation of the market value of the property at the time of the sale …

    A modular ramp system is considered reusable, so it is not a permanent installation to the property, does not require major work. Only few hours are required to complete the installation of this modular ramp system.
    With our climatic conditions, a wooden ramp can become unusable due to distortion and / or deterioration of the wood. Concrete ramps, very massive, constructed without a safety edge, can become slippery. Quickly, the steel of the handrails rust, the concrete crumbles and the aesthetic side is horribly absent. It is very expensive to renovate them.
    The modular ramps are safe, they have a non-slip surface and do not deteriorate. These ramps have been subjected to various stress tests, they are also aesthetic and economical! You can reuse them if you move, reconfigure them by adding sections if the user experiences changes in his physical condition. These changes can be made quickly.

    EFFICIENCY, AESTHETICS, SAFETY AND ECONOMY since no maintenance is needed, this is what you can envisage with the modular ramp system.

    Grants and security

    Most adaptations are payable through grants offered by different organizations.


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